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Project Overview 1990–2023

January 8, 2023

Stepping back a bit and taking a gander at the big picture:

AAG 2021

January 8, 2023

Seems that the American Association of Geographers doesn’t have a self-evident system for accessing presented posters at their annual meetings, at least for 2021. So, I’m posting this here.

the world map(s) of the future

September 9, 2019

The world maps of the future are probably going to look a lot more like these than like an artfully positioned Oblique Mercator projection. At least when you’ve got ocean matters on your mind.

FYI: if you’re into analog swag, these maps are sized to mount back-to-back.

Ocean Sailors World Map Type M
Ocean Sailors World Map Type N

Gorda Ridge in context

May 31, 2019

Map edges are continental divides of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Relative sizes of watersheds around the map edge are directly comparable.

Inland basins attach at their lowest spout.

Relative sizes and internal proportions of oceans and seas are roughly accurate.

Many of the long-distance flights the Nautilus Live crew are talking about can be followed on this map.


Gerrymandering the USA Black Belt

October 1, 2016

Found myself in a discussion yesterday about homogeneous anthropological districts, in particular the USA Black Belt.

Just thought I’d take a look at the present political representation.

This map for Euneika Rogers-Sipp

This map for Euneika Rogers-Sipp

Enceladus — for counting craters

May 11, 2016

This map corrects map-boundary imperfections in the earlier Enceladus maps.

Note the smoother curve at the both pole (left and right tips of the map), and the tangent-to-the-vertical cusp.

Enceladus centered on the north pole

Enceladus centered on the north pole

Enceladus “B” large file

March 16, 2016

Here’s the map in near-maximum resolution. (Click on map for full-size version)

(You might have to open it in a photo-editing software such as Photoshop. I have trouble opening this in Mac Preview.)

(Not sure if this will work; it’s the largest file I’ve yet posted.)

(Yeah. Doesn’t want to open on screen. Try right-clicking on the map and select “download linked file.”)

Suggestions welcome for how to fix this posting glitch. EDIT: the download problem appears to be native to my home computer. Enjoy the map!

Enceladus-30x63 ChuckClark2016

Enceladus gets another custom projection

January 13, 2016

Enceladus D_Titled_postI had to make up the projection. Long story. Summary is that the cut (the edge of the map) is 270˚ (three-fourths of a circle).

The purpose was to put the tiger stripes, the south polar district, into global context. Other compact maps were either unable to make the polar region large enough, relative to the nether regions, or the map periphery went squirrelly.

The cut can turn on 45˚ increments, which has the effect of rotating the stripes around the pole; the lobes refocus from leading and trailing hemispheres (the posted map) to anti- and sub-Saturnian hemispheres.

A really large version is in the works. Maybe by March, knock on wood.

Here’s what the grid looks like:

with a little Photoshopping, you could make your own! Hmm . . . would this projection be of any use on another planet or moon? Pseudo-Eisenlohr Grid

Here’s a daisy-petal foldable map of Pluto . . .

December 20, 2015

. . . in case anyone has been wanting one.

noncommercial use allowed

noncommercial use allowed

The mosaic is based on the July release, so I expect NASA will have something better for us soon.

Spaces & Illusions

October 9, 2015

My design for an children’s participatory exhibit titled Spaces & Illusions, which was  installed from 1976–1980, give or take a few months, at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art.

Its appearance here in a blog about a novel way to make world maps may appear incongruous until I offer that the process of designing and installing the exhibit presaged all the constant-scale natural boundary maps you find here.

Presaged in a cluelessly groping way, I admit, but some things take time to resolve themselves.

This image copyright Chuck Clark 2012, all rights reserved.Spaces & Illusions_ChuckClark