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Enceladus Foldable Globe

January 18, 2015

Hey, if you’re visiting from papermodelers, leave a note in the comments. I’m  curious to hear what uses you put this model to! Thanks, Chuck


Oh, by the way . . .

February 4, 2010

Under the Pages menu (on the right), a new cut’n’fold map of the asteroid Itokawa sneaks onto the blog.

Also (March edit), the beginnings of a cartographic exploration of Enceladus geology.

And (April edits) a poster recently presented at the Association of American Geographers annual meeting, as well as the start of a meteorological animation.

Further (Feb 2011 edit) a Ganymede foldable geology globe.

July 2012: Yo Brazil! Welcome to the site, grateful for the attention. Call me — we’ll do a special map for your 2016 Olympics.

January 2013: A new page! — Water Molecule. Scroll the menu on the right.

Watersheds “N” with currents

August 10, 2009

At a loss for words at the moment; must confess I’ve been absorbed in these patterns: