Phobos and Deimos

Okay, okay already. Here are the foldable maps of Phobos and Deimos, right here, so you don’t have to run all the way over to unmannedspaceflight or the Planetary Society to get ’em.

Cut'n'Fold Deimos

Cut'n'Fold Deimos

. . .

Cut'n'Fold Phobos

Cut'n'Fold Phobos

3 Responses to “Phobos and Deimos”

  1. blob Says:


  2. Yogi Says:

    Nicely done – they fold up well (letter sized paper print for Phobos and same-scaled print of Deimos). Some empirical keys to construction:
    Pre-form as much as possible; I rolled a 1″ wooden ball around the back side to start the curvature; I used a tweezer to pinch the joining edges down as well.
    Note the craters, they must be reflexed inward to make the seams line up.
    I added small (3/16″) triangular tabs along the edges; alternate the tabbed edges, switching sides at the registration marks to make the seams “lock” into alignment.

  3. Jesse Warner Says:

    These are great. They hang nicely above my desk at work.

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