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Enceladus gets another custom projection

January 13, 2016

Enceladus D_Titled_postI had to make up the projection. Long story. Summary is that the cut (the edge of the map) is 270˚ (three-fourths of a circle).

The purpose was to put the tiger stripes, the south polar district, into global context. Other compact maps were either unable to make the polar region large enough, relative to the nether regions, or the map periphery went squirrelly.

The cut can turn on 45˚ increments, which has the effect of rotating the stripes around the pole; the lobes refocus from leading and trailing hemispheres (the posted map) to anti- and sub-Saturnian hemispheres.

A really large version is in the works. Maybe by March, knock on wood.

Here’s what the grid looks like:

with a little Photoshopping, you could make your own! Hmm . . . would this projection be of any use on another planet or moon? Pseudo-Eisenlohr Grid