DLR foldable Phobos 2010

And here is Phil’s latest photomosaic reprojected into the improved DLR shape model. I have no idea what DLR means, but I can sure locate it onto the latitude longitude grid.  Some features move as much as 15 degrees! Click on image to enlarge.

Here is a wonderful — and illustrated — article on assembling this map.

Welcome Papermodelers!

5 Responses to “DLR foldable Phobos 2010”

  1. Ruben Says:

    I first learnt about this site of yours thanks to the link you shared at the papermodelers.com forum.

    This Phobos is really tempting me.

    It looks easy at first sight, but I have never built anything like this, so I have my fears with this model 😉

    Very interesting things you have in this place. I’m enjoying to discover so many new things that I didn’t know, and a lot of things that I already knew but presented under a new and different light.

    Best wishes from Colombia.

  2. Chuck Clark Says:

    This is an excellent map for the novice folder.

    Look above in the post; I added a link to a very helpful article on how to assemble this map.

    Welcome, Papermodelers!

  3. Ruben Says:

    I finished this a while ago, but I hadn’t shared it.
    I finally uploaded photos of my build at Papermodelers: http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/pasa-paper-aeronautical-space-administration/13254-phobos.html

    Thank you very much for this interesting model. It was very nice to build it.


  4. Antonio Says:

    Hi Chuck , i just finished this DLR Phobos map ,it is very interesting though a bit harder than Deimos, i got the two made.
    How about a Deimos DLR with enhanced surface ? like this Phobos, the original Deimos lack a bit of details.
    I used 2 A4 120g bond sheets per map ,gluing in them the center and for Deimos the scale was 1/111000 , the newer Phobos is 1/175000, i’d like a new Deimos at this later scale. I’m evaluating Eros as next project.
    Thanks for your efforts.
    Greetings from Lima – Peru

  5. Chuck Clark Says:

    Hi Antonio,
    Nice to hear from Peru. (I once climbed Wayna Picchu.)
    Patience on an improved Deimos. It is in the works.
    Check back later this summer.

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