Ganymede foldable geology globe

Well, if you’re like me and just have to have the latest Ganymede geology info on a globe, here ya go:

I hadn’t planned on making this, but my hand-painted globe (on a ball from Toys R Us; I’ll post a photo or two later) couldn’t catch the detail.  I haven’t folded this one up yet (my printer is on the blitz), so I can’t say for sure, but expect some slight misalignments on the pieces when folded. The purpose of this is to get a better representation of the whole moon than I could get with paint.

Later, I’ll make a constant-scale natural boundary map of this same info — should make a lot more sense in its map (unfolded) form than this one does.  But it’ll take a few weeks of pondering to figure out the boundary networks. In the meantime, this gives us all something to hold on to.

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