Itokawa Cut ‘n’ Fold

As of Jan 25, 2010, this map has not been folded up by anyone.  I’m really curious to see how the repaired right “ear” (if you accept the “sea otter” analogy for the shape of this thing, smallest asteroid yet visited by a spacecraft) goes together.  Over at is a collection of in-process images and discussion.

Cut 'n' Fold Itokawa

3 Responses to “Itokawa Cut ‘n’ Fold”

  1. Make Your Own Asteroid | B612 Foundation Says:

    […] Itokawa,  one of only two asteroids to be visited by a spacecraft. The link to the project is here, thanks to […]

  2. William Clapper Says:

    I don’t know where else to put this. With Hayabusa 2 sending images of asteroid Ryugu, it looks like a very interesting shape, suitable for a natural boundary map based on ridges. Do you have any plans?

  3. Chuck Clark Says:

    You bet I do!

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