Here’s a daisy-petal foldable map of Pluto . . .

. . . in case anyone has been wanting one.

noncommercial use allowed

noncommercial use allowed

The mosaic is based on the July release, so I expect NASA will have something better for us soon.

2 Responses to “Here’s a daisy-petal foldable map of Pluto . . .”

  1. Jesse Warner Says:

    I love these maps. Do you have or know anyone working on a new printable globe for Mercury with Messenger maps? All I can Find around the web are old Mariner image globes. I thought there would have been one by now.

  2. Chuck Clark Says:

    Hi Jesse, I haven’t had time to crank one out. Sorry. Maybe later this summer.

    Wait . . . I do have one. It’s not very big, but when I get back t full digital capability I’ll post a larger one. I’ll attach it here, as I am temporarily unable to access my website.

    On 5/9/16, world maps with constant-scale natural boundaries

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