Enceladus Foldable Globe

Hey, if you’re visiting from papermodelers, leave a note in the comments. I’m  curious to hear what uses you put this model to! Thanks, Chuck


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5 Responses to “Enceladus Foldable Globe”

  1. Jesse Warner Says:

    This is great stuff. I am an educator and exhibits creator at the Clark Planetarium in SLC,UT. I first discovered your Phobos and Deimos models and have since attempted some of your asteroids.
    as a hobby I build many models of various material. Currently I am decorating our office spaces with space craft and robot probes. Where I can I like to mate the space craft with its target observation , like the NEAR Shoemaker with your Eros globe. They look good together. Any chance you might come up with Ceres or Vesta for my DAWN space craft?

  2. Chuck Clark Says:

    Hi Jesse, Ceres and Vesta are definitely on the radar! I’m waiting for the data releases to become more accessible, in the case of Vesta, and, for Ceres, after the low altitude mapping. May have something on comet 67P-CG before those others. And if things go slowly in some enterprises and quickly in others, perhaps asteroid Bennu, target of OSIRIS-Rex. Keep us posted on your exhibits! c

    On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 5:31 PM, world maps with constant-scale natural boundaries wrote:


  3. Jesse Warner Says:

    I cant wait to see your future irregular globes. Comet 67P sound fun. is Hyperion in your scope?

  4. Chuck Clark Says:

    Hyperion? Not yet. Should it be?

  5. Jesse Warner Says:

    The thing looks like a football shaped sponge. It is one of the largest highly irregular objects in the Solar System. It’s low density might suggest that it’s a rubble pile or made of mostly water ice and little rock. Just another fascinating object to see as a 3D globe.

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