Map in Progress: Earth w/Uninterrupted Oceanographics

Sure would be nice to have a simple cylindrical version of David Sandwell’s Satellite Geodesy “global” topography map, over at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

Say 7200×3600 pixels? Or, even better, 10,800×5400 pixels. David? David, are you out there, can you hear me?

Below I had to cobble in the poles from another source, so both the color match and data match are off.

Map in progress, with currents from multiple sources, Creative Commons copyright Chuck Clark 2014:


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4 Responses to “Map in Progress: Earth w/Uninterrupted Oceanographics”

  1. Weber Leslie Says:

    Dear Chuck Clark,
    I tried to contact you a couple of times concerning the publication of your beautiful maps in our magazine.
    I used this e-mail adress : rightbasicbuilding at yahoo dot com
    Do you have another email adress that I can use ?
    All the best,

  2. Chuck Clark Says:

    Hi Weber Leslie,
    The address you tried is no longer is service. I’ll try to contact you through your info. If you don’t hear from me via email, repost here.

  3. Chuck Clark Says:

    Hi Weber, Perhaps this reaches you?


    On 9/17/14, world maps with constant-scale natural boundaries

  4. Guerrilla Says:

    Hi Chuck, we’re Guerrilla Cartography and we’re creating a special atlas on the subject of water. We’ve been seeing your ocean maps and would love to include one of them in our atlas. Please see details and consider submitting your map here (, or let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks very much,
    – the GC team

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